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Count on Parra Landscaping for Other Services, Too!

In addition to our landscaping and lawn care solutions, the experts at Parra Landscaping can deliver a host of related services for your outdoor spaces. We have a range of services available to residents throughout the Covington, LA area, ensuring that we can be your total solution for all your lawn care and other needs. 

Parra Landscaping offers:

•    State of the art equipment and machinery

•    Licensed, insured contractors
•    Low-maintenance landscaping and other solutions
•    Professionalism and personalization



Landscaping Services for Northshore Residents

Parra Landscaping is a family-owned and operated company. We take pride in all that we do and we’ve got years of experience to lend to your project or maintenance needs. We take a customer-first approach and make sure that our goals meet yours to deliver the best finished product every single time. Our experienced team will work closely with you to come up with a plan and then execute it flawlessly. 

Our top ratings and reviews tell you everything that you need to know. Parra Landscaping is a beloved business in the community for a reason. Our professional lawn care solutions will help you take back your outdoor spaces. 

Other Landscaping Svcs:


French Drains

French drains are designed to channel water away from the home. Although they work on their own with little effort on your part, there is also the risk that they may stop working effectively. If yours needs attention, call us and find out how we can help. We can also assist with new French drain installation for those who have standing water or drainage issues.


Yard Leveling

When you need to rearrange the leveling of your yard, it’s no small feat to accomplish. Removing excess earth or adding more requires the use of heavy equipment and machines that the average homeowner doesn’t have. Our yard leveling services can assist with improved drainage, a better look for your property, and even with new construction ground clearing.


Yard Clearing

Is your yard filled with brush, weeds, and debris? Our yard clearing services can help! We can take care of Covington lawns and properties that have all manner of issues, including trees that need to be removed, stumps, debris, shrubs, weeding, and more. We can even help with mulching and rebuilding the yard once it’s cleared.


Pond Prep

Adding a pond to your property? Ask how Parra Landscaping can help with everything, from design and planning to the excavation and removal of the land and beyond. We have all the expertise and tools to assist with renovations and pond upgrades, as well as brand-new construction ponds.

This is not a small undertaking, by any means. We know all the details and complex work involved and can help you get the perfect end result, no matter what you have in mind.


Call Parra Landscaping for All Your Lawn Needs 

When you’re looking for someone to assist with major landscaping projects or even minor one-time services, the team at Parra Landscaping has you covered. We have years of experience in all of the services that we provide and we can even discuss your needs and help you figure out the best strategy for execution. Call us today to get started or get your free estimate now!

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